12th December Movie Real

3 years ago


  • Rhapsody Dailies devotional program for 12th december


  • Victory Isen

    Praise god!

  • Lawrence countys Gope

    Thank you Pastor amen

  • Olanrewaju Oyetunji

    Pastor Sir, truly we're expanding everywhere, like You said

  • Afolabi Okunlola

    nice one shalom

  • Afolabi Okunlola

    nice one shalom

  • Kilisi Finau

    So awesome

  • Bridget Glorious

    Wow Rhapsody!

  • Beatrice Botomani

    Wow! I am so excited with the Rhapsody TV. I am a testimony of ROR and since then, it has been from glory to glory. Pastor, Sir, thank you soooo much. You altered my life forever, rescued me from the mouths of snares. This is where you found me and now like Hannah said, you've brought me to sit with kings and i have taken over their thrones. I ruling, kinging and reigning. Glory to God! I love you Sir.

  • Antonette Cyrus

    Amen! The Lord is my Light and Salvation.