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4 years ago


  • "Nokia Releases…"say What? Keep Abreast With The Latest Gist On Technology.


  • Victoria Smart

    Oooo my heart sings for joy..... Am soooooo proud of you..

  • Glory Enoch

    so proud of you bro Israel 😘👌

  • Ikechukwu Maxkdave

    *sad* where is the remaining part of the video? Also thanks for sharing. I thought Nokia X series (Android OS) was made because smartphone users don't patronize the Lumia due to it's OS (windows). Nokia tried with its half breed Lumia-looking Android phone.

  • Samson Mogaji

    ceflix beautiful app well done. but we did nit get to see the rest of the story. well done henry. sam cejos nvz4

  • Achille Kemayo

    thank you for preventing me about this. i think that those 2 inconvenients are so dreadful because an android device without a googleplay is not an android. that is a copy. and plus that the battery lifetime is so short for the huge service that android provide.