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  • This is the lyrics video to the newly released single by JAHDIEL - SUDDENLY. This sing along video will help you learn the lyrics of the song and you will definitely enjoy this new tune by JAHDIEL. The beat and sound of this song is totally amazing. Please feel free to watch and share. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to get more of my latest releases. Please drop your comments below. Let me know how much this song has blessed you. Have a great day!!!


  • Kamga Oswald

    what a revelation Jahdiel, I'm suddenly realising that I'm supernaturally blessed beyond measure. Blessed be God for you Jahdiel.

  • Nchindia Atabong

    suddenly I making progress ,increasing in my partnership suddenly am exalted, suddenly my success can't be comprehended by the normal mind am a king

  • Yvon Hughes

    Suddenly I'm sponsoring the gospel in every remaining country and nations. Suddenly I'm sponsoring our man of God's teachings on every remaining TV station all over the world, suddenly I'm ensuring that the rhapsody is distributed in trillions by end of 2018...Amen..suddenly suddenly and in a twinkle of the eye,it's going to happen..

  • Yvon Hughes

    Suddenly monies like dust everywhere,suddenly gold and diamonds everywhere. Suddenly I'm winning souls and growing the ministry daily. Suddenly I'm sowing seeds in millions, suddenly I'm partnering in millions, suddenly like Joseph I'm heading my organisation in the Uk-- where it would have never been me a foreigner, suddenly I'm furnishing my new house, suddenly my Father is displaying me-- His trophy everyplace

  • Yvon Hughes

    This song blessed me big time. It's in line with what the Holy Spirit has been ministrying to my spirit for some time. Going through challenges and praising God, strengthening myself with the Word of God from teachings of my man of God, the Spirit said-- in a twinkle of an eye,there'll be the change I've been waiting for,all of a sudden there's going to be cash everywhere,job sorted, ministry growth, house, car, everything will happen at once. So, when I came across this song, it was another word from God to me, another assurance. Thank you dear sister Jahdel...

  • Linda Salifu

    suddenly am moving higher

  • Joyce Greatstar ??

    suddenly, my life has become meaningful.....

  • Omotosho Victoria

    Suddenly. I fly because i flourish like a palm tree God is bragging with my life. Thank you Dear Jesus.

  • Omotosho Victoria

    Suddenly. I fly because i flourish like a palm tree God is bragging with my life. Thank you Dear Jesus.

  • Omotosho Victoria

    Glory to God.

  • Prisca Iwuagwu

    wow this is awesome

  • Zivai Chisenga

    Glllooooorrrryyy....Suddenly...Vison 4000 Oh boi

  • Johnson Ukiwe

    suddenly my story has changed for good

  • Ntombifuthi Sarah

    wow wow what a nice song

  • Amabi Jude osilamah

    wonderful, I am blessed.

  • Comfort Duncan

    Amen and amen.glory to GOD

  • Vivienne Adelowotan

    Wow, great song!