Fire For Your Future with Reverend Ken

10 months ago


  • This is a clarion call on ALL youths to gear up for this one of a kind meeting; FIRE FOR YOUR FUTURE. SHOWING Live on CeFlix from 15:00hrs GMT+1, today. You don't wanna miss this!!!


  • Busiswa Mabunzi

    praise God, hallelujah I've been blessed. What a service with our man of God, I've received the word over my life, fire( the word of God)has been imparted into my future. Thank you Pastor I love you.

  • Mc Koboko

    This is glorious

  • Olamide Abioye

    hallelujah... awesome service

  • Wavhudi Mabala

    praise the Lord ,,,wow wow wow God is so amazing wisdom,my future is in the word of God..yes greatness is in my future..thank you Pastor..forever grateful Amen!!

  • Metty Mpofu

    Iam blessed, Gloryyyyy

  • Tomi Olaniyi

    Jesus is my lights

  • Tomi Olaniyi


  • Nicholas Otamendi

    Praise God

  • Martins B


  • Sinekhaya borosko Silinga

    😍😍😍😍 my heart is melting already filled with joy. it’s on

  • Lyon Mukurunge

    oh hallelujah 😍 😘 😍 this is remarkable can't wait for the event on the 24th of October