We Prevail by Sister Wisdom

11 months ago


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  • Kenneth Kamuchete

    woow we prevail in the Name of Jesus thank you sister Wisdom

  • Agnes Mino

    wow, sister wisdom you're filled with wisdom and your song is based on the revelation of Christ and the finished work of the cross. I love it

  • Alex King

    So inspiring! Can't get enough of it!!! Thank you for this lovely piece.

  • Otilia Mkwebu

    wow you are filled with wisdom victory for us is sure

  • Sitshengisiwe Moyo

    there is peace in e. ame of Jesus i love tbis song

  • Tosin Adeoye

    Beautiful song and the lyrics are powerful. Thank you Sister Wisdom!!!

  • Terry Tani

    Thank you so much sis Wisdom. This song has blown my mind. You are the bestest. God richly bless you