9 months ago


  • ADA Cheta the Movie.


  • Precious Love

    Hallelujah My God is able

  • Ugochukwu Nwakanma

    Lovely movie

  • Rich Bancs

    Wow...My God lives

  • Sara Abraham

    Amazing....Love you...Ada.

  • Amele Doloka

    indeed our God is a faithful God

  • Amele Doloka

    So inspiring..loved it couldn't stop crying..Love you Ada..

  • Blessing Buchi

    love you ada

  • Victoria Owusu akubia

    Just cried watching this video! A cry of my spirit receiving and connecting to the message in this video. This is not just excellence but creativity(divinely infused) borne straight from the throne room, SUPERNATURALLY!!! You are indeed a daughter of our precious Man of God.

  • Kenneth Asenime

    fantastic video. clearly the best

  • Joy Okwuosa

    This is just amazing... Well crafted

  • Jonathan Yisa

    Awesome video Ada!!! so inspiring, simple and Excellent production

  • David Aroke

    ada ada, you are indeed a blessing this piece is superb

  • Nicky Ukeh


  • Blessing Agidi


  • Sunday Emmanuel


  • Maria Afonso

    So beautiful

  • Chali Mukuka

    So beautiful! so creative! wow! You're amazing ADA

  • Nicholas Otamendi


  • Ama Sef

    Creativity!! I love you Ada...Glory!

  • Kamga Oswald

    Bracrosh tande madilahaiya!! It's almost as I imagined, Wow, do we have the same mind? but her's is more excellent. Praise God

  • Cynthia Ogbekhiulu

    Supernatural! #youaretrulyyourfathersdaughter. #blwnationrocks

  • Femi Akinyelu

    oh nice...and very nice too! just felt that august rush of seeing a nice a nice flick a nice narration and adaptation of Joseph' story

  • Charis Mukuka

    Wow!!! No one does it like you Ada. This creativity is... Supernatural!!!

  • Chinwe Oguchi-agwaziam

    Oh this reeks of excellence Ada!! The character of the Spirit. God bless you for always blessing us with your creativity

  • George Imo

    This is big.,excellent and lovely. Great work Ada,congrats. More grace.

  • Margaret Oghide

    beautiiiful!!!! indeed he is faithful always

  • Akoh Cornelia

    Wowww wowwww wowww. This is a supernaturally spirit filled Ministration. I am so blessed. Truely our God never fails .

  • Naphtali Aikens


  • Ogheneyoma Onokpachere

    Wow!!! Congratulations Ada on this higher level of Glory

  • Sekesai Vera

    Congratulations ADA am a fan and really enjoyed the creativity. Thanks for the subtitles I used to wonder what Cheta means lol! Now am loving the song more.

  • Marquesa Ukawilu


  • Hasna Hadi

    woooooow ada!!! your creativity is inspiring!!! i love this movie, amazing storyline, amazing production, amazing lyrics!!! glooooory!!!

  • Jane Ayokhai

    wow awesome