Time Stop by The Poet Nes Syl

9 months ago


  • Time as we know is only a pause in eternity. In other words we would not be in this world forever, so we must make our time here count for God and good as we will all give account to our creator one of these days not too far from now, when time will eventually stop. This is a call to reach out to the lost in this world before it is too late. Before time stops, for time is limited on this plane of life.


  • Ebere Ogbonna

    So inspiring and soul stirring. Thank you for instructing us.

  • Wilcox Chinedu

    Nice TY

  • Pastor Sarah

    Wow! the world needs to watch this. every Christian. thank you dear brother. you have done well. God bless you.

  • Makkibobo Eric

    Brother this is very very inspirational Well done I feel like Rap with this Poetic inspiration Woowwwww Lovelyyyy. ???