The Power of Sight

4 years ago


  • Visualization is a potent tool in setting and achieving your goals. Learn about the influence of visualization and much more on today's episode.


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    praise be to God, thank you All

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    I love this song .for real.gat me dancing to his praise

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    the chorus got me rocking...Beautiful song

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    When you came to Kano during pastor Zunny Abu, I saw your uniqueness and your stage performance is breathtaking. I love your uniqueness. Continue to represent Nigeria in the BLW nation. I LOVE YOU!!!

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    I love this track. This is an African gospel rock.

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    l'm loving this...oh goodness! I can't stop listening. wow! this piece is highly spiritual. what a song?!... you are too much. favor is increasing in your life. Your next level has come. God bless you. thank you, thank you and thank you again. God bless you. Increased Grace nah your portion forever. haha! hallelujah! God bless you pastor chris, I love you Sir. #ceaccraghanazone

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    Been playing this song for hours!! Love it! Love it! It is fire!! #ceAccraGhanaZone

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    Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you brother in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  • Joyce Hanson

    Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you brother in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

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  • Ose Ukhun

    Jehovah zeze!!!

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    wow this is powerful, thank you so much sir

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    Thanks so very much for the insight teaching on goals setting. But I would like to reach you through you e-mail for further questions. pls I need your e-mail address or your website. Thank you and God bless!

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    Thank you Sir for such words if wisdom and direction. I am going to take everything you have instructed abd put them into action to come out triumphantly in this year 2015 by the power of the Holy Ghost. Glory to God.

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    I agree with you that Goal setting is very essential for achieving success.

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    Thank you I'm so impressed with this series. I watched all the episode and will be teaching my teenagers on goal setting. I learnt so much. There is no excuse I can make for not achieving my goals after hearing and seeing this series. Wow. Thank you.

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  • Kamanzi Daniel

    wow my plans r drawn nd jesus' name

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