Sister Jennifer - Worship from within

3 years ago


  • Sister Jennifer with the song titled - Worship from within.


  • Ubong Markson

    Great song. You are next in line to the top. God bless you

  • Nancy Eruro

    OM wow... this is lovely

  • Olubunmi Sunday

    Well done sis , looking forward to seeing you on pastors stage very soon.

  • King Influence cesazone 2

    Great. You're a gifted minister no doubt. I felt the power as your sang. Wow! Here's my advice. Try to minimise the wave of your notes as it can be distracting sometimes, both for you and the listener. Also, your melissma from a passing lines leaves you panting for breathe at the beginning of a new line. Minimize it by all means. Else, you're a worshipper I'm looking to. God bless you!

  • Caroline Riliwani

    Waooo! keep d good work.