Janni Ebuka Nnaji- Greatest Love Contestant 20

3 years ago


  • Song - Greatest Love by Janni


  • Janice enola Mcadam

    wooow amazing perfect love

  • Moses Maluleke

    Nice one

  • Olubunmi Sunday

    Nice song

  • Janni Nnaji

    Thank you so much king influence.... i wish i could meet you in person.. you seem to know alot about music.

  • Chukwuemeka Jinali

    Great brother

  • King Influence cesazone 2

    NOTE: I'm not on this platform to give plain compliments but to help you improve. Thanks for the privilege!

  • King Influence cesazone 2

    Great melody in your voice. You were however singing in-between keys most of the time. Your ballad acoustic soul culture is not fully developed causing those rasps sounds in your notes: instead of hitting the minor keys on chord, you didn't. I also had a problem with your pitch sustenance. The waves contributed to the discomfort in the length. And that's why the longer you sang the more bored somepeople will got. However, overall, I see great potential in your voice. Spend time working your panting skills and your may correct some of the jerks. God bless you.

  • Jewel Lady


  • Jewel Lady

    wow dis is awesome

  • Lola Busari

    great song, but make your words audible......

  • Janni Nnaji

    Thanks so much king david... god bless you.

  • King Ugonna

    great song,great voice,keep moving

  • Victory Isen

    Congrats j-bruv..

  • Janni Nnaji

    @lawrence, thanks for your comment, please share

  • Janni Nnaji

    @anthony emem, kindly share the video, thanks

  • Janni Nnaji

    @solomonedia, thanks for the complement.

  • Janni Nnaji

    @oladavid, thanks for the complement, kindly, share to your friends so i can get more views! thanks

  • Janni Nnaji

    [email protected], yes, i know i had to sing the song to the end. thanks for your words of encouragement

  • Lola Busari

    great voice, the song is just too long......

  • Ola David

    Great voice. Thumbs up

  • Solomon Edia

    Awesome scales man , good pitch man

  • Peter Ojo

    my guy!!!!!

  • Emem Anthony

    wao am so happy for u, my media HOD

  • Expatriate Lawrence

    What an awesome song, thanks and god bless you

  • Janni Nnaji

    Comment, share, view, thanks!

  • Chioma Peters

    Amazing! God bless you dear... Greatest love!

  • Emmy Ekekwe

    Wow! Awesome words in that song! Blessed me much! Thanks Janni! ????