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Participating As A Brand in the Sinach Live In Concert:

She is the multiple award-winning gospel singer Osinachi Joseph, popularly referred to as Sinach. Everywhere she goes, Sinach attracts multitudes of followers and millions have literarily attended her concerts around the world.

Sinach is known in almost every continent of the world, gracing stages with her ever so anointed ministrations from Africa to America, Europe to South America, Asia since the early 2000s.

She continues to draw Christian fans from these regions on social media, recently achieving over 100 million views on a single song on YouTube alone - the first gospel artist to achieve such acceptance. Sinach’s songs are sang in almost every Christian denomination and have been translated to over 65 major languages of the world.

Sinach has been privileged to witness, first hand, amazing miracles take place in the lives of people while ministering in music, as her mentor Pastor Chris ministered in the Healing School, several crusades, and conventions all over the world.
As a gifted vocalist and an award winning worship leader, Sinach has ministered to millions of people all over the world in mega programs with record attendance of several million people.

Sinach is fuelled by her passion to see people all over the world inspired to worship and praise God through Spirit-born music and lyrics.

She has headlined star-studded gospel shows in many countries of the world and has seen many fans from across borders rushing to buy tickets and many more flying in from far away countries to attend her concerts.

Online Participation Her concerts are a must-attend for Christian faithfuls and millions around the world who cannot participate physically do not fail to grab the opportunity to connect live and join in the experience via the internet.
This year, the Sinach Live In Concert, SLIC train begins in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria on the 30th of March 2019 and it’s a great opportunity for your brand to join the train and reach out to new audiences with the unique message of your brand’s offerings.

For this particular event, we are expecting over 5000 on-site participants with streams going out to an estimated 5 million viewers online on the Sinach YouTube account as well as on our CeFlix app and website.

To achieve this, the CeFlix Team has already began a strategic social media campaign.

As a brand, when you purchase an ad slot, you’ll be having access via the online stream to this unprecedented number of participants.
Video Messages:

Your video ad will feature as part of the video stream and consumed alongside the concert content on YouTube and the CeFlix Platform.

*I have attached the video promo rates (it should be included at this point)

Still Banners: You can either choose to feature your message as scrolling banner ads on the actual video page on our CeFlix website. N15,000 per banner ad design

To take Advantage of this offer, send the following:
1. A dropbox link of the advert video or
2. A .jpeg ad banner for your promo (500 X 700 pixels)
3. Name and Phone number of your contact person
TO [email protected]